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©”Promoting best business practices for film festivals”

About Us

The Universal Film & Festival Organization was founded to support and implement best business practices for film festivals throughout the world.

UFFO is a global voluntary organization and is not-for-profit. It was created to bring together the highest quality of Film Festivals and the film making community by encouraging film festivals to become sound in best business practices. To date we have been very successful in this endeavor.

The UFFO best business practices is completely voluntary, it is free and easy to implement. In addition it is a blueprint for filmmakers in deciding which film festivals to do business with.

UFFO is also an open international organization and membership is open to all creative individuals, filmmakers, film schools and film festivals.

To become a UFFO member go to the Join UFFO tab.

©”Promoting best business practices for film festivals”

The Universal Film Magazine

UFM is a free, crossover publication that is sponsored by UFFO. The magazine is filled with exciting and gritty content and covers topics from established industry professionals about film finance, film festivals, industry news, reviews, cinematography, director training, film schools, projects in development and animation.


If you want to be notified about the magazine please email us: editor@ufmag.org

The Magazine has achieved a relativity high circulation, by our own estimates, just under 1.6 million to all walks of life in over 100 countries.  This is achieved firstly, by making the magazine a free publication with great content, and secondly, by exchanging free advertising in the magazine with our partners who then distribute the Pdf of the magazine to their own databases.

These estimated circulation figures do not include our banners and media partnerships with industry publications, SatCom, NAB Show, Mandy, Production Base, The Broadcast Show and many other industry and non-industry partners.  We recently started to include Music and will be including games in the next issue. We are also talking to one of our industry partners, a leading Investment Organization and the upshot is we will be incorporating and a film Investment supplement in the next few months.

We hope one day that the Universal Film Magazine will be the most widely circulated free Film, Music and Games magazine in the World.

A Message from the UFFO President Maureen O' Hara

“Every once in a while there is something that stands out and compels us to notice it; I think that is what struck me most about UFFO when it was first brought to my attention. I am so tremendously honored and proud to be the President of such an international organization that promotes ethics in an industry I love so much”

Maureen O' Hara

The UFFO Logo and Tagline/Slogan

This logo is a trademark of the Universal Film Festival Organization.

Only Film Festivals who have subscribed to the UFFO best business practices are entitled to use the UFFO logo. Any unauthorized use of the UFFO logo, whether direct copying or creation of a derivative work, will constitute a violation of international copyright and trademark law.

We recently discovered that a festival events organization was attempting to occupy the UFFO position on best business practices by promoting their business with the UFFO slogan," promoting best business practices for film festivals". A notice of cease and desist has been issued to the Festival conference organizer.

The UFFO logo and slogan is now "Trademark Pending"


FestHome is a UFFO Recommended Film Festival approved provider.

FESTHOME is a film (short film and feature film) submission service via Internet. FESTHOME breaks with the classical concept of distribution to film festivals, on DVD, paper and postal envelope, adapting to the newest Internet technologies while offering the highest screening quality out of all online submission platforms

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